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2023: My Academic And Entrepreneurial Qualifications Makes Me Better Than Tinubu

Labour Party (LP), presidential candidate, Peter Obi has disclosed the reason he is better than his All Progressives Congress, APC, counterpart, Bola Ahmed Tinubu.

Responding to a question during an interview with Vanguard, Obi explained that his educational and entrepreneurial qualifications make him the better Tinubu

His comments are in response to a statement made by the vice presidential candidate of the ruling Party, Kashim Shettima who cast aspersions on Mr Obi’s capacity to govern Nigeria.

Last week, Shettima said that Obi lacked the structure and political base to win the 2023 election, as well as a lack of leadership ideology like President Muhammadu Buhari and his principal, Bola Tinubu.

Speaking on his capacity to lead the nation, Obi said: “INEC has stated the qualifications for contesting the elections which I’m sure I’ve fulfilled and I do not know the special qualification his principal, the APC candidate, possesses that I do not possess and I think I’m more qualified than his principal for that office,” he said.

The former Anambra State governor went on to explain the reason his qualifications are more than enough to see him lead Africa’s largest population.

He said: “Is it age qualification? Is it education? Is it in terms of being an entrepreneur? I believe that anybody can be more qualified than me. But I’m qualified. His principal is a two-term governor, I am a two-term governor too. I’ve managed public resources comfortably and effectively to the best of my knowledge,”

“I’m not saying other people didn’t do well. I’m not saying others are not qualified. But I’m saying that if we look at what we have been able to do in the past, I’m very very qualified to be the president of the country.”

Source https://www.naijanews.com/2022/07/25/2023-my-academic-and-entrepreneurial-qualifications-makes-me-better-than-tinubu-peter-obi/

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