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2023 Presidency: Why Northerners Will Vote For Me

The 2023 Presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi, says that the Northern electorates would vote for him based on competence and capacity.

Obi during an interview on Arise TV on Wednesday said that northerners would vote for him during the 2023 election despite attempts to spoil his reputation online.

He alleged that his political opponents had recruited some calumny campaigners online to infiltrate his core supporters and spread falsehoods online.

The LP candidate, however, said that he is contesting to be Nigeria’s President to solve the country’s problem and not because he is from a region of the country.

The former Anambra Governor urged politicians to do things that will bring hope to the people and things the citizens will be proud of.

He said: “I am contesting to be Nigeria’s president to solve the country’s problem and not because I am from a part or region of the country.

“We need to do things that will bring people hope. Nigerians must be proud of this country and that is what I planned to do.”

Obi stated that he will not be releasing his manifesto because he had replicated all that he is promising Nigerians in Anambra State.

How can I hire professors to write or draft policy documents for me that I don’t even believe in?

“I have replicated all that I am promising Nigerians before. It would be the same thing. What I did in Anambra and what I achieved is what we will replicate on a larger scale. We want Nigeria to become the engine of production,” he said.

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