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2023: Reno Omokri Is Behind Some Negative Stories Against Peter Obi

Former presidential aide, Reno Omokri has been accused by a Nigerian Catholic priest serving in Malawi, Rev Fr Kelvin Ugwu of being behind the negative stories against the presidential candidate of the Labour Party, Peter Obi.

The cleric in a post on his Facebook page accused Omokri of being the first person to release damaging reports about Obi.

He further stated that the former presidential aide is emotionally blackmailing Peter Obi supporters and accusing them of cyberbullying.

Ugwu, in a post on his social media space, wrote, “Who first shared Peter Obi’s picture printed on a Muslim mat and made it go viral? Reno!

“Who used the mat and picture and tried to instigate a Muslim Vs Christian fight with arguments on tolerance and intolerance that even led to Peter Obi making a disclaimer? Reno!

“Who edited a picture of Peter obi and Kwankwaso and came up with the false story that Peter Obi is trying to sideline Kwankwaso in “his party”? Reno!

“Who is trying so hard to make Peter Obi look merely like an Igbo project? Reno!

“Who is the one trying to gaslight Peter Obi’s supporters by emotionally blackmailing them and accusing them of Cyberbullying? Reno”.

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