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44th Miss Nigeria, Shatu Garko celebrates Hausa Culture

Shatu Garko, who was crowned as the 44th queen of the competition, represented the North West region of Nigeria during the event held on Friday night at the Landmark Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Shortly after her emergence, the queen celebrates on her Instagram handle in which she was quoted to have said, “The Hausa Culture is a big ethnic group that has about 24 million people in Nigeria and its traditions and culture are homogenized. In other words, all the Hausa people share similar beliefs and customs. The Hausa women wear matching blouse, head tie, and shawl and they usually have henna designs on their hands and feet. The royals wear a long, loose hooded cloak called “Alkyabba”.

The 18 years old horse rider, who was also the youngest contestant this year, beat 17 others to become the first hijab-wearing model to wear the Miss Nigeria crown.

Following her emergence as the 44th Miss Nigeria, Garko won 10 millon naira, a 1 year residency at a luxury apartment, a brand new car, and other mouth-watering brand ambassadorship opportunities.

During her speech, the new queen said she is passionate about proving that religion and culture are not barriers to following one’s dreams and achieving whatever a person sets out to achieve.

Ms Garko also promised to uphold the ideals of the Miss Nigeria pageant. she recently celebrated becoming the first hijab model to land a modeling job in the country.


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