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A Poet shares Memoirs of Yesterdays’ Zamfara and call to end the killings

In their weekly Poetic Wednesday update on Facebook, Basheer Adamu Gobir a noted Agriculturalist from Sokoto State in Nigeria, Blogger and Poet by passion let out a memorable adventures of peaceful Zamfara and prayed the acclaimed Northern Elites, Mr President, Governor Abubakar Yari, Governors of Northern Nigeria, Traditional rulers in Arewa and the rest to put hands on desk to end the bloodshed before it gets out of hand.

Zamfara killings started before this administration and worsen in President Buhari Government where armed bandits carry out multiple attacks; starting with Buharin Daji (now dead) and his boys, kidnapping, displacing and destroying people of their homes which reports now had that it had claimed about 3,000 lives and turned the State into second Borno, Maiduguri where Boko Haram are doing their worst there. This sorrowful poem tagged “Thameless Zamfara Bloodbath” said it all.

Zamfara Bloodbath

It used to be my second home,
Sometime I trekked her kilometers alone, From kaura Namoda to Dole
Up to the plains of Bore
Through Zurmi and Banga.
Not a single soul noticed me!
She was so peaceful
Her people very wonderful
Children, innocent and colourful
Adults and strangers so merciful
Her students very resourceful
Then they’re all sentinels
And everything was tranquil!

Decades passed on
This sacred land-
Everyone’s dreamland
Became our nightmare
Blood flows everywhere
filling her dimpled smiles
Even kings sob oceans
Her commoners visit pyres
Blood hounds ubiquitous.
Tears flow like Atlantic

We have a President
Our Governor being her son
Defence Minister my God!
He’s one of our kids
Once we had Chief of cops
Our children butchered and maimed AD infinity!
Mr Presido we beckon you!
Clear our land of demons,
Scrape her lands of the dried blood
Let her people and resources
Revert to the paradise they once were

Bashgobir 2019

You can visit his newly created blog for more: http://basheergobir.blogspot.com

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