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Abdullahi Adamu Was Hostile Towards Buhari

Elder statesman, Chief Edwin Clark has congratulated the People’s Democratic Party and the Osun state governor elect, Ademola Adeleke on the just concluded gubernatorial election.

Speaking on the election which held on July 16 via a statement released on Thursday night, Clark commended President Muhammadu Buhari for describing the election as the will of the people.

However, he condemned a statement made by the All Progressives Congress national chairman, Abdullahi Adamu, before the election.

Adamu had reportedly urged the PDP to do all it takes within the law to win the Osun Polls.

He had said, “We must be prepared to face him eyeball to eyeball. There is no sparing for any reason whatsoever, no sparing his party the PDP… I urge you to leave no stone unturned. I urge you to go there and do whatever is doable within the laws of Nigeria and our electoral laws to win.

“Nobody should come back to us crying. Whatever it takes within the laws of the land, I say go for it, win the election. Let them go complain, let them go wherever; let us win the election. We have no apologies whatsoever for this posture because these two elections are tests for the national election coming up in 2023.”

Criticizing Adamu’s statement, Clark insisted that it was a sign of desperation, while also insisting that the APC national Chairman was hostile towards president Buhari in the past.

His statement reads: “What desperation! Senator Abdullahi Adamu’s unguarded statement did not come to me as a surprise because I have known him since 1979. I was the national coordinator for the minorities of the South and the Middle Belt, so on several occasions, I had cause to interact with him. He is a very ruthless and an aggressively ambitious politician.

“At the time, the late Ibrahim Mantu wanted to contest for the chairmanship of the Plateau State chapter of the National Party of Nigeria; Abdullahi Adamu wanted to crush Ibrahim Mantu, but we resisted.

“it was also during this period that he (Abdullahi Adamu) was able to push himself to become the chairman of the NPN in Plateau State.

“I also heard from a reliable source that Abdullahi Adamu was very hostile to Muhammadu Buhari during one of his (Muhammadu Buhari’s) presidential campaigns under the Congress for Progressive Change.

“In fact, the then Senatorial candidate of the CPC, Gen. Ahmed Aboki (retd.), was maltreated during the period. To Abdullahi Adamu, the political party he belongs to and himself, are greater than Nigeria as a country and Nigerians.

“I am, therefore, not surprised that he did not accept the result of the free and fair gubernatorial election held in Osun State, even a day after the result had been announced. What a shame! The only surprise I would like to express here is that I thought ageing would have changed him. Our leaders must be able to feel the pulse of the people. Let leadership have a human face.”

Source https://www.naijanews.com/2022/07/22/abdullahi-adamu-was-hostile-towards-buhari-edwin-clark-discloses-as-he-speaks-on-osun-polls/

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