About Us

HausaToday is an online African lifestyle magazine which was developed for people who have News, Entertainment, Culture and History in mind. We subgrouped our categories into Everyday News, Celebrity Biographies, Kannywood Gists, Travel and Events, Education Topics, Amazing Facts and History Corner to meet your demands. If you are that type who admire African contents, you are not in the wrong place. Note: This website was former English version of (GobirMob.com), before the grand transfer of contents to this domain (HausaToday.com) which we did in other to serve you better. You can experience massive upgrades, hope you love it!

Founded for
This website was founded for the people who admire Hausa culture and everything Hausa. We strive to provide our readers with first hand information about African continent and this helped gave birth to the name “HausaToday”, in addition with the domain name extension “.com” which rectified its presence in online community.

Founder and location

HausaToday was first launched by Abdul-Raheem Zubair in 2013 as (GobirMob.com), also known by the nickname DanZubair.

Since the inception of this web page earlier this year, two thousand and twenty (2020), it have garnered a massive inflow of traffic from all across the globe who browse us from all sources. Our visitors come from Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Côte d’lvoire, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Algeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, India, Gabon, Senegal, United States, Pakistan, Italy, France, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, United Kingdom, Mali, Germany, Somalia, Kuwait, Belgium, Russia, China, Egypt, Chad, Mali, Burkinafaso, Senegal, e.t.c according to Google Analytics and Slimstat stats.

Here are description of our various topics we covers.
• We handpick informative African News that are made available on the internet by reliable sources and those volunteered by our correspondents.
• Wanted to know about the inside gist of Kannywood film industry and Biographies of her celebrities? Follow this two internal links below Kannywood Gists or