About Us

HausaToday is an African lifestyle blog developed for worldwide populace who love African stories. We subgrouped our categories into Everyday News, Celebrity Biographies, Kannywood Gists, Travel and Events, Educational Topics, Amazing Facts and History Corner. Note: This website was former English version of (GobirMob.com) before migration of contents into this domain (HausaToday.com), which we did to serve you better.

Founded for

As the name implies, “HausaToday”, is a conjuction of two separate words, initially developed to share relevant stories about Hausa people, but with time have upgraded to include African lifestyle. This website was founded with the best intentions to share rich African contents that can’t be found elsewhere online.

Founders and location

HausaToday was first launched by Abdul-Raheem Zubair in 2013 as (GobirMob.com). He is also known by the nickname DanZubair. Apart from him they were two persons who manage this web page, Hassan Haruna Gobir and Badamasi Nuhu, who work as admin and moderator respectively. Our location is not fixed yet, although you can follow our social media pages to recieve notifications of updates and interact with fellow fans.


Since the inception of this web page earlier this year (2020), it have garnered a massive inflow of traffic from all across the globe who make use of our services in daily basis. Our visitors come from Nigeria, Niger, Libya, Côte d’lvoire, Saudi Arabia, Benin, Algeria, Ghana, Cameroon, Togo, India, Gabon, Senegal, United States, Pakistan, Italy, France, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, Sudan, United Kingdom, Germany, Somalia, Kuwait, Belgium, Russia, China, Egypt, Chad, Mali, Burkinafaso, Senegal, e.t.c according to stats from Google Analytics and Slimstat Analytics

Our Categories

Here are brief description of various topics we covers:
Everyday News: We post informative African News that are made available on the internet by reliable sources and those gathered by our correspondents.

Kannywood Gists: In here you can find Hot Kannywood Gists. We post as it happens.

Celebrity Biographies: Who is who in Kannywood. In here we publish background history of reputable Kannywood actors and actresses, and that of some Hausa Musicians. We do list posts about this indigenous film industry and her characters.

History Corner: This section was created to share relevant Hi-stories of Africa Continent, Famous African Men and Women, African Kingdoms, e.t.c

Culture and Traditions: This is a section where we post about African culture, facts and stories that are amazing to discover.

Educational Topics: In here we post Hausa lessons and handful Nigerian Education News

Travel and Events: We are proud explorers of Africa continent, so this section was dedicated to host the pictorial stories of our memorable journeys and the events we attends.