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Ahmad Ganga, Public Affairs Analyst blasts Elites, Governors over Killings and Kidnappings in the North

Ahmad Ganga a Poet, Human right activist and Public affairs analyst base in Katsina State blow hot concerning the problems of insecurity facing Northern part of the country and confered solutions to most of the problems to regain peace in the region. He called on our Leaders, Governors, Arewa Elites to have a rethink. In his words and we quote:

Insecurity in Northern Nigeria among other vices emanated as a result of lack of constitutional rights our unpatroitic leaders are denying us, and religious perspective(kaddara ce- it’s decree of God)the commoners endow most serious problems that need proper attentions. These reasons have made the Governors hide under this pretext to create more destruction; they push the commoners into abject poverty, they embezzle their public funds, they divert their security needs and on top of that go on Radio Stations and be publicising they have paid salaries.

These situations in Northern Nigeria frustrates me a lot. Our Governors know the bottom root of Kidnappings and mass killings these perpetrators are carrying out every blessed day. In addition, our Governors purposefully refused local councils their authority and constitutional rights that rest on them to react, the reason is open. Today 40 are killed, tomorrow 30 would be kidnapped. If not in this region, where on earth have these menace occured?

And the Arewa Elites, they are corrupt that bribery won’t let them speak up, and wordly gains that won’t advance them to 22nd century they and their families they give proper security in foreign countries. Had it been they investigate our Governors, on insecurity issues and absentmindedness in them, I assured these problems we’re facing would have been history for now. These matters should not be rest on only Federal Government to curb, the State Governments and Local Governments have their right to play. Have they ever voice out?

May Allah guide the Governor who allow the killings of his own people, and the one who retains security in the Government House to the detriment of the powerless poor. Any Governor that refused to follow the rulings of Local governments, oh Allah find a way to snatch their power so they stop misruling us, let them have mercy on us, those that have human thinkings not the inhumanes of them.


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