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Mournful poem for an achiever, Late Alhaji Shehu Shagari- Basheer Adamu Gobir

The death of Alhaji Shehu Shagari shock entire Sokoto, Northern Nigeria(Arewa) and Nigeria at large as they lost a father, patroitic leader who set the pace for our future leaders to follow. Basheer Adamu Gobir writes this mourning poem to commend his mentor, while listing some of his achievements, his selfless service to Nigerians and others. Shehu Shagari is indeed an achiever!

Oh my lord! I wish am not dreamy
alas! I am but weary
My mentor goes to Glory
My heart, a sack of pain so heavy
Oh! I lost a teacher, father so dearly

A rare leader and gentleman
Just arbiter and motivator
Losing you torments mind!
You are Without doubt
Our father, teacher and leader
Lived an exemplary life
You founded my alma mater
Opened up my village
Taught generations of teachers
Mentored countless leaders
Built our prized monuments
Federal varsities of technology
Ajaokuta , katsina and jos
Rolling steel as your kids
Greater Garki in Abuja
Pacesetter of Green Revolution
Unrivaled in housing revolution
Shagari quarters everywhere
Your legacies are ubiquitous!

Shagari is a revered name
Locally and internationally
Turakin Sokoto
Your contributions to world peace
To the dismantling Apartheid
African union and United Nations
All bear witness!
The two World Bullies were in Awe!

Your statesmanship is exemplary,
Your patience is legendary
Your fear of God is stimulatory
Excellent in humility and empathy

Africa has lost a statesman
The world lost a legend
You will be missed
Your spirit endures
May Allah forgive your sins
And admit you in Jannati Adne
Adieu Shagari!


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