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Beautiful photos of Fati Niger and number of the songs she sang

Fati Niger is one of well-known kannywood female musicians that has produced many songs since her emergence, many of her songs have been featured in kannywood films. Her voice have always been her asset which Almigty God gifted her with, according to a chorus in her song.

Fati Niger started her music career in the year 2004, now 2017 She is in her 13 years in hausa music industry. The number of her songs can roughly approximated to number about that 1,000 plus being that she covers various music genres; Royal songs, Advertisement songs, Films songs, Political songs, Marriage songs, Traditional songs, Recreational songs e.t.c

Below are some of her songs: starting with her first song “Girma Girma- Great-great”, “Ala Gidigo- Recreational song”, “Ban Mutu ba- I am not dead”, “Duniya- world”, “Ya Rasulullah- O! my Prophet”, “Niger/Nigeria” et cetra.

Take a look at Fati Niger photo album, the photos were shared by her on her social network account, Instagram.

Fati Niger in Madinatul-minauwara Saudi Arabia. She and her friend poses inside the Prophets Mosque.

Fati Niger and a relative holding her birthday cake.

Fati Niger smiling.

Fati Niger wears makeup.

Fati Niger with her former boyfriend and a colleague, Ali Jita.

Fati Niger with a colleague Murja A. Baba

Fati Niger in fulani outfit.

Beautiful youngish Fati Niger in her office, Girma girma kreative Nig. limited.

Charming beautful Fati Niger made a face.

Photo of Fati Niger in her office.

Fati Niger wears makeup.

Fati Niger in one of her flashy jeeps.

Fati Niger scrashing her head.

Fati Niger with her fellow colleague Umar M Sharif.

Fati Niger poses in front of camera.

Photo of Fati Niger birthday cake.

Beautiful photo of Fati Niger.

Photo of Fati Niger inscribed in Niger Republic coat of arms.

Cheerful photo of Fati Niger in fulani outfit.

Fati Niger poses.

Youngish Fati Niger poses.

Fati Niger performs Islamic religous  rite Umra in Saudi Arabia.

Photo of Fati Niger arrival after her Umra.

Fati Niger stepping down from an airopane after her Umra.

Fati Niger cuddling a  little child.


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