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Brief history of Prince Adam A Zango and his collection of photos

The best kannywood director, actor, Hausa hiphop musican and one of it’s top richest celebrities in person of Prince Adam A Zango was born and brought-up in Zango kataf Town in Kaduna state, He did his primary school education in Zango primary school but his family later moved to Jos after a result of those days outbreak of crisis in Kaduna state between Hausa people and some tribes in Zango kataf. Adamu Abdullahi Zango after the relocation further his secondary education there in Jos.

Adam A Zango started his acting career with Lenscope media Jos as a DJ which after a while he begun showing up in screens as an actor. The film he first emerged was “Surfani” but films like those of Raga, Zabari, Kawanya and Kallabi are the films that brought him to fame.

In the Raga film, which as a result of the outstanding role he played in there back then, his fans turned to nicknaming him as “Mai Raga”, meaning owner of Raga film. But “Zabari”, “Kallabi” and those of “Kawanya” are his first Hausa films that brought him to stardom. That his instant fame resulted to outshine other actors that played same love role with him in the Hausa indigenous film industry, Kannywood.

In an interview, Adam A Zango opens up that Ali Nuhu is his teacher. He showed him how to take love role. There was times Ali Nuhu sat him down and instructed him how to act in love role. “But now I am happy about this role, because it suits me.” He said.

Ali Nuhu is a mentor to Adamu Zango in love role. And the fact they have had countable misunderstandings with that his mentor, Ali Nuhu. The rumours pf their quarrels spread like wild fire on Hausa media, some of the hausa newspapers reported inappropriate gists about their quarrels.

In Kannywood love roles, Adamu Zango acted alongside Nafisa Abdullahi, the popular actress that made name in the hausa film industry. The love roles turned to a real life love. But alas, they soon parted their ways following an insidence. They parted after all none of them wished for such occurance.

Adamu A. Zango is married with wives and many children. He domiciled in Kano and Kaduna where he built mighty mansions.

Prince Adam A Zango photo collections:


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