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The Cordial Relationship between Gobir Hausas and Yorubas

After the much acclaimed relationship between Gobir Hausas and Yorubas in present day Africa, though that is not first of its kind, there is always an amicable relationship between Gobirawas and Zabarmawas (Zarmas), Barebaris (Kanuris), Garori (Igalas), Bachamas (Chambas), Nufawas (Nupes), Abzinawas (Tuaregs or Touaregs), Jibale people (Jibalawas situated in Adar, Tahoua Niger) Igbos (Izza people), Buzayes (berbers), Fulanis (before the said Danfodio war) and others.

Under Sule Dangaladima of ancient Gobir, some Gobirawas stayed and inter-married with the Yoruba People and established themselves in Yoruba land. The name “Gamba” by the Yorubas is a polluted way of saying “Gobir” being that Gobir were the first Hausa sub-groups to have contact with the Yorubas. Today the title of Dangaladima is the second highest traditional title in Ilorin.

“According to Late Sarkin Gobir Abdulhamid, the relationship between them and Yorubas dated back to the period of Bawa Jan Gwarzo who gave out his daughter for marriage to a Yoruba man during their movement. He said when Jan Gwarzo advanced to Yoruba land with the mission to conquer the west, the Yoruba opted for truce rather than to engage him in a war and submitted. As a result of that cordial relationship between them ensued and they requested him to give them one his daughters for marriage which he did. In accordance with Hausa cousins joke which Gobirawas practice, there is always a traditional joke between cousins, as such, Gobirawa regards the Yorubas as cousins because they believed that Yorubas were begotten by the daughter of Bawa Jan Gwarzo.”

In Ilorin, Kwara Sate of Federal Republic of Nigeria, there is an area by name “Gobir” just as they’re in other States in Northern Nigeria and Niger Republic. The Inhabitants are Gobirawas who advanced there during the reign of Bawa Janwarzo to conquer the Old Oyo empire then Ilorin was a war outpost presided by Kakanfo, Sarkin Yakin Yarabawa, according to Prof Idris Alhassan Gatawa the leader of Gobirawas situated in Kano State. Gobirawas have been there long before emergence of Fulani war, when Danfodio send one his preachers Alimi there, inter-married with them and descended on their throne.

The Gobirawas in Ilorin can hardly be differenciated from Gobir Hausas, they maintained the Gobir tribal marks, some mixed with that of yorubas (to signify they have correlation with them) though some are not versed in Hausa language. This mark tradition is also seen on other tribes Gobir Hausas have intermingled with in other parts of Nigeria and Niger Republic. Indeed, Gobir Hausas are the origin of hausa people and backbone of Hausa land.

Yorubas in Kwara regards Gobir Hausas their cousins, and the Gobirawas too do same, even went far as taking all Yorubas cousins, not minding whether they’re from Lagos, Ibadan, Osun and others. The Ilorin emir, Alhaji Ibrahim Sulu-Gambari, being an humble personality He is, used to cross all the barriers and pay homage to their brothers in Sabon Birnin Gobir. Even the present Sarkin Hausawan Ilorin is of Gobir Hausa descent in Sabon Birnin Gobir, Alhaji Abubakar, also with title of Maji dadin Gobir, Sabon Birnin Gobir, Sokoto State.

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