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‘Dirty Folks With Dirty Minds’: Actress Adunni Ade Blasts Her colleagues Mocking Her Backside

Nollywood actress and mother of two boys Adunni Ade has slammed her colleagues who are body-shaming her.

Butt surgery and liposuction are no longer a new thing among many Nigerian celebrities and Adunni Ade is one of the few celebrities who have refused to undergo surgery.

In a post shared on her Instagram page, Adunni Ade questioned why people are still body shaming folks on social media.

Bragging about her derrière, Adunni Ade said she was damn good at her age, an amazing mother of two boys and a certified hustler.

Adunni Ade said she’s busy making money while some of her jobless colleagues are using fake pages to troll and body shame her over her backside.

While describing her colleagues as dirty folks with dirty minds, the mother of two questioned those with massive backsides on how much they have in their bank accounts.

She wrote: “In 2022, we see people still body shaming folks out here? I look damn good at my age! Always been a dime piece! An amazing mother of 2 young boys! A certified hustler! Making legit money! It’s Ynash that is some of your problem? Even jobless colleagues go using fake pages to body shame?”

“You why get big Ynash, how much you get for your account?God punish the devil sha! To keep sane on these social media streets ain’t easy but trust if you try to unleash the other side of my Gemini side, Kassala go buss o!”

“Dirty folks with dirty minds! Una be una problem! Coz when I come to you one one, it’s on and popping! Ladies listen up! Do not be intimidated about anyone and anything! Stand with your head high and go for your goals! I wish you all well”.

Adunni Ade

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