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Exclusive: I Don’t Trust The Govt, But The Youths Will Be Victorious If They Stick To Their Guts

Ahead of the 2023 election, Nigerian legendary singer, Charles Oputa popularly called Charly Boy has sent a message to Nigerian youths.

In an exclusive interview with HausaToday, the singer spoke about the current situation of the country and the consequences of the youth’s failure to fight back and get rid of old politicians from office.

While expressing doubt about the ruling All Progressives Congress (APC), Charly Boy said they might be responsible for the current insecurity and violence ravaging the country, in an attempt to postpone the election.

He said: “What if the buck leaves the hands of 80 million youths and 80 per cent of that population are clamouring for a particular person, and it does not happen, if anybody guesses what will happen because if what would happen means going back to the days of the old then…laughs.. na die we dey nah because we would be wishing that Buhari was in the days of Buhari.

“I don’t trust the government, I don’t trust their intention. How do I know there would even be an election next year? Because it is somewhere in the fraudulent constitution that in the state of emergency, an election can be postponed, how do I know that they wouldn’t use that?

“How do I know that the insecurity and violence everywhere, no place is safe anymore in Nigeria, because we are surrounded by our enemies, how do I know that they are not the ones sponsoring this kind of violence that is going on everywhere, how are we even sure of our lives, we need to fight back, that is the only way.

According to Area Father, the youths can secure the victory of the country but it would come with lots of consequences because of the inactions of the past generations.

He said: “Well, the youths have to get themselves together, because if you are not at the table where your future is being discussed, then automatically, you don’t have a future. And because everyone is tired, there is no special place on whether you are Yoruba or Hausa, igbo or there is a place you are going to buy things cheaper. Everybody is hearing the same thing, on the same page, everybody is so unsecured. Everybody is under this hopelessness, enough should be enough, if our mumu no do now, when he go do.

“My message is just simple, all my hope of my own small future that is left of my life is in the exceptional youths of this country because the only thing they should resolve to do is to fight these enemies back, that is why I say the salvation of this country rest in the hands of the exceptional youths and I have faith in young people because I have left an exceptional job.

“That is why I’m still hopeful, it will come with a lot of consequences because of our inactions over the years, blood will flow, but victory will be theirs if they stick to their guts, they must fight for their victory. My generation and the young generation allowed it because if someone gives you a bad deal, it’s up to you for you to accept it. 

“That’s why they are youths, and I’m not saying the youths should come together if na only 00.1 per cent of those exceptional people that I talk about and they get together and I know they have gotten together, and I know they are doing something, that is it, after all, na one person fit to change a whole town. The consequences are there because our enemies arena our back house. 

Source https://www.naijanews.com/2022/08/10/exclusive-i-dont-trust-the-govt-but-the-youths-will-be-victorious-if-they-stick-to-their-guts-charly-boy-speaks-on-2023-election/


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