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Former Spanish Player, Casillas Denies Being Gay

The former Spain and Real Madrid goalkeeper, Iker Casillas has denied himself as gay on Twitter.

The Goalie joined Blackpool forward Jake Daniels and Australian star Josh Cavallo to end decades of silence within men’s football to become the first Spanish player to come out as gay.

HausaToday recalled that the goalkeeper and his ex-wife, Sara Carbonero, took “separate paths” in March 2021, after which they promised to keep raising their two kids as friends.

HausaToday understands that the Spaniard earlier wrote a tweet that he was gay via his Twitter account.

Casillas' earlier tweet

Casillas’ first tweet about being Gay

The former Spanish player earlier informed his followers via Twitter, but he didn’t share the same information on his Facebook or Instagram pages.

Just a few days prior, Casillas vehemently denied rumours that he and Shakira, who recently ended her relationship with football player Gerard Pique, were having a romantic relationship.

To humorously exclude himself from the Shakira affair story, HausaToday learned that this may have been the motivation behind his earlier claim that he was gay.

Prior to leaving Real Madrid in 2015 to join Porto, where he played for the final four seasons of his career, he captained the Los Blancos to five LaLiga and three Champions League trophies.

What Did Casillas Later Say About Being Gay?

The former Real Madrid keeper later deleted the tweet of him being gay and said his verified page was “Hacked”.

Casillas denied being Gay

“Hacked account.” He said, “Luckily everything is in order.” He added.

The former Porto Goalie then moved on to apologizing to everyone.

“Apologies to all my followers. And of course, more apologies to the LGBT community.” He said

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