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Government of Kaduna to increase Rural areas Teachers Salary

On Thursday the Kaduna State Government announced to increase the salary of public school Teachers by 27.5 per cent and five per cent more for Teachers posted in Rural areas, in its bid to retain qualified and Professional Teachers in Rural areas in the state.

The state Commissioner for Education, Science and Technology, Ja’afaru Sani, said at a news conference in Kaduna that 27.5 per cent salary increase would be added to all teachers while five per cent would be incentive for teachers posted to rural areas.

According to him, while Headteachers would be entitled to three-bedroom accommodation, other teachers would have two-bedrooms flats in addition to motorcycles to ease their transportation challenges to schools.

The measure becomes necessary to retain qualified and professional teachers in rural areas. “Currently, we have more teachers in urban areas than we have in rural areas because the salary package is the same and so whenever teachers are posted to rural schools they redeploy to urban centres.’’ said Mr Sani.

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