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Fulani association, Miyetti Allah to drag Taraba Government into International criminal court (ICC) Hague

In the previous year, Chief Femi Falana (SAN), a popular Human Right Activist filled a case of genocide and ethnic cleansing at the International Court of Justice (ICJ) in Hague and the ECOWAS Court, against Fulani herdsmen for their continued massacre of the innocent people and farmers in Jukunland of Southern and Central Taraba State, in North Eastern part of Nigeria.

This just in: After a recent crises that erupted between Fulanis and Mambila people, the Fulani cattle rearers association, Miyetti Allah is next week to take the case to International criminal court (ICC) in Hague, Netherland which they labelled genocide against Fulanis.

According to the news, as reported by BBC Hausa, Miyetti Allah is suspecting genocide against Fulanis in Mambila town in Sardauna local government area of Taraba state. The said ethnic crises started last week between Fulanis and Mambila people.

Some uncertain sources have stated that the crises has claimed death of about a thousand people and killing of three hundred livestocks. GanAllah, another seperate Fulani organisation point their accusing finger on Government of Taraba over the killings.

But on the other hand, the Commisioner for Information of the state, Anthony Danburam has wholly refuted all the accusations, saying Taraba state Government can not be blamed.

The Lawyer to file the case at the International court, Professor Yusuf Dankofa revealed to BBC that Governor of the state and Speaker of Taraba state assembly made statements that overturned public.

Hassan Ahmed added that the measures Taraba state Government enforced to tackle the issue did not suit them.
And they said they don’t sense justice to be done to them by the state committee implemented because no any Fulani representative among the committee.

Crises between Fulani cattle rearers and Farmers in Taraba has long been taking place. But the Fulani group GanAllah have labelled the recent crises a genocide against Fulani people and their Livestocks in the state.


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