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Throwback letter Sheikh Ibrahim Inyass sent to Sir Ahmadu Bello during his time

Sir Ahmadu Bello the Sardauna of Sokoto, one of the credible Politicians in earlier Northern Nigeria and Nigeria as a whole received a notable letter during his lifetime from the founding fathers of Popular Islamic sect known as Darikar Tijjaniyya. Sheikh Ibrahim Abdullahi Inyass sent this letter to him during his mission across Nigeria.

You Excellency The President
I still intend to visit you in Kaduna and that has been my old desire before I start the series of my visits to other leaders of the Islamic world.But due to busy schedule from both ends I could’nt undertake such a trip.May God help me to fulfil this desire before the commencement of this year Hajj season. I pray God exalted is He to help us and you for what will benefit people at all times.May He also support your efforts untill you accomplish to the peoples of Nigeria what they aspired to progress dignity and prosperity in all fields of life. May He also strengthen you will to carry the holy torch which you have inherited from you highly dignified predecessors. Untill i meet you in the near future, wish you Oh my president every success and peace.
Shayk Al-islam
Al-hajj Ibrahim Niyas

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