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Hon. Armaya’u Abdulkadir share 2 years achievements as Dutsin-ma/Kurfi Fed lawmaker – Katsina Post

“Alhamdulillah! Alhamdulillah!! Alhamdulillah!!!

Dukkan godiya da yabo sun tabbata ga Allah.

A yau ne na cika shekaru biyu (2) a matsayin Wakili mai Wakiltar Kananan Hukumomin Dutsin-ma da Kurfi. Cikin ikon Allah, tun daga ranar da aka rantsar dani zuwa yau na gudanar da ayyuka kamar haka:

1. Construction, Furnishing and Equipping of Girls’ Secondary School in Kurfi

2. Construction, furnishing and Equipping a maternity clinic at Kuki town

3. Capital to small scale businesses in tune of 5,000; 10,000, 20,000, 50,000 and 100,000

4. Over 150 boreholes repaired
5. Over 100 Boreholes constructed

6. Donation of 180 school chairs to secondary schools

7. Construction of Mosque and Rehabilitation of Islamiyya in Karofi Town

8. Distribution of relief materials to the victims of armed banditry for 3 consecutive times via NEMA.

9. Installation of solar lights at Wurma Village in Kurfi

10. Electric poles and wires for Kuki

11. Employment of contract teachers for Islamiyya schools in Dutsin-ma

12. Employing the services of a Medical Doctor, 3 Midwives, Lab Technicians and Security

13. Relief materials to the victims of armed banditry in Kurechi and Wurma

14. Rehabilitation of Juma’at Mosque in Karofi

15. Project allowance to 406 final year students at IKCOE

16. A block 2 of Islamiyya Schools in Koza Village of Kurfi L.G

17. Overhaul of 2-mega machines of Dutsin-ma Water Board

18. Construction and Rehabilitation of 3 houses belonging to less privilege families in D/ma

19. Secured enrollment of 11 into the Nigerian navy

20. 1st Empowerment: 10 desktop computers, 10 butterfly sewing machines, 20 phone repair kits, 10 laptops, 10 printers, 10 photocopy machines, 20 piece of external hard drive, 10 wheel barrow

21. 2nd Empowerment (to 210 beneficiaries): desktop computers, butterfly sewing machines, grinding machines, phone repair kits, laptops, printers, photocopy machines, piece of external hard drive, fish pond, wheel barrow

22. 3rd Empowerment (to 134 beneficiaries): IRRIGATION FARMING EQUIPMENTS including 3hp Pumping machines and Spraying machines.
23. Secured employment of 15 into Federal University Dutsin-ma, IKCOE and LGEA

24. Construction of a block of 3 classrooms at Dage Lawal

25. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms at Shema

26. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms at Ikulawa, Gyaza

27. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms at Birchi

28. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms at CCAIS Dutsin-ma

29. Construction of a block of 2 classrooms at Community Day, Dutsin-ma

30. Training and Disbursement of empowerment materials 20 youths on Aquaculture and Fish Farming

31. Relief assistance to persons affected by bandits in Dutsin-ma and Kurfi Local Government Areas

32. 4th Empowerment: 3 desktop computers, 3 butterfly sewing machines, 5 phone repair kits, 5 piece of external hard drive, 3 wheel barrow
33. Forthnite distribution of free sickle cell drugs

34. MOTION: Calling on the award of contract for the establishment of Ultra-Modern Irrigation Cannals of Zobe Dam in Dutsin-ma.

35. MOTION: On the need to address erosion problem affection communities in Dutsin-ma and Kurfi

36. MOTION: On the need to station army base in Makera of Dutsin-ma Local Government aimed to put an end to the ravaging insecurity affection the community.

37. BILL: For the establishment of Federal College of Health and Technology in Kurfi, Kurfi Local Government.
38. Monthly Free Medication to Kuki Maternity Clinic

39. 5th Empowerment: Distribution of Motorcycles of organizations, security operatives and individuals in Dutsin-ma and Kurfi.

40. 6th Empowerment: Second segment of distribution of irrigation equipments (pumping machines and sprayers).

41. Secured employment of 4 into Nigerian Police Force and Civil Defence

42. Secured employment of 11 into Nigerian Navy (Year 2019)

43. Employing the services of a consulting doctor, 2 midwives, a lab attendant and security at Kuki Maternity Clinic from June 2020 to Date

44. Distribution of Cash Relief during the Covid-19 pandemic

45. Distribution of Foodstuffs during the period Ramadan

46. Distribution of rams to hundreds of beneficiaries during Eid-el-Kabir Ceremonies.

47. Rehabilitation of Islamiyya School at Katanga in Karofi Town

48. Other things like buying additional lands for the expansion of cemeteries and carpeting of mosques both in Dutsin-ma and Kurfi

49. Instalation of solar lights at Kurechin Giye in Makera, Dutsin-ma

Haka kuma, idan Allah Yarda nan bada jimawa ba zan gudanar da ayyuka kamar haka:

1. Water reticulation of Dutsin-ma Town
2. Installation of solar lights
3. Construction of 4 blocks of 3 classrooms each
4. Construction of Maternity Clinic
5. Empowerment of Women and Youth
6. 4 Hilux Vehicles for Security Operatives
7. Distribution of Motorcycles and Cars”
8. 50 Million Cash Grant

Hassan Haruna Gobir

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