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How Robbie Keane joined ‘Inter’, played only 14 matches

Robbie Keane is a legendary Irish forward who is the top scorer in the history of his national team. By the way, football today scores with his participation are easy to find out on the site of sports statistics.

At club level Keane is known for his performances for English teams: “Tottenham”, “Leeds”, “Liverpool”. But few people remember that the striker played for “Inter” of Milan. The striker joined the team in 2000. The “Nerrazzurri” paid £13 million for his transfer at that time.

But the Italian phase of Keane’s career did not last long. In the first half of the 2000/01 season the forward had 14 matches for the club in which he only hit the opponents’ goal three times.

Keane, who started well, found himself rather quickly in a depressed psychological state. As a result, already in winter 2001 he was rented by “Leeds”. In England, in a more familiar environment, the forward adapted perfectly to the league, and the team bought his contract.

In “Inter” the Irishman was not long at all, and probably even the loyal fans of the team do not remember his period in the ranks of the “Nerrazzurri”. Something similar happened to Keane later when he became a “Liverpool” player for a few months in 2008 but then quickly returned to “Tottenham”.

What stopped the player from realizing himself in “Inter”

It can’t be said that Kean was a complete failure in Italy. He just quickly realized that the local championship does not suit him. As evidenced by his later career, the decision to leave “Inter” in winter 2001 was quite successful. By the way, today it is easy to follow the football scores of matches involving the club on the sports statistics website.

So, highlighting the main reasons for the failure of Keane in Italy, it can be noted:

  1. The closed style of soccer practiced in Serie A. Keane didn’t have many chances. The opposing defenders regularly fouled him. All this led to injuries and psychological insecurity of the player.
  2. Lack of confidence from the coach. If Marcello Lippi initially gave him regular playing practice, then Marco Tardelli immediately said that the player does not meet his requirements. This is partly why Keane left “Inter” so quickly.
  3. Lack of understanding with partners in the team. Kean was not played much, and he sometimes looked completely alien on the field. Because of this, the player felt quite insecure.

Hardly anyone regretted the fact that in winter 2001 the forward left the ranks of the club. He began to play well in the EPL, and Inter received a fairly good compensation for him.

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