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I can pay for my lover’s Kayan Lefe, marriage rite property – Hauwa Waraka

Hauwa Waraka is kannywood celebrity that showcase her acting career as an area girl, prostitute and drunkard in the indigenous film industry. The actress reported that she is after marraige for she can even pay for her husband-to-be Kayan Lefe, marraige rite property, during their interview with one certain source.

The source reported the actress to have said that whoever that wanted her as a wife shouldn’t be scared away that her marriage dowry wouldn’t be that much that she would make it cheap for him.

When the source asked her the reason why she always goes for the role of area girl in kannywood films, she unveild that she loves to inform her audience about the bad attitudes associated with the behaviours.

Hauwa who have had married when she was at the age of 14 years made this offer during an interview with BBC Hausa, which reported her to have disclosed that she can pay for her fiancé kayan lefe, marriage rite property.


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