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I No Get Shi Shi – Gbadamosi Begs Nigerians For Funds To Purchase Labour Party Guber Form

A former governorship candidate of the African Democratic Party (ADP), Babatunde Gbadamosi has called upon his followers to make donations for him so he can procure the nomination form of the Labour Party (LP).

In a post published on his social media platforms, the politician declared his interest to contest in the 2023, Lagos gubernatorial election.

However, Gbadamosi explained that he does not have the money to purchase the N15 million LP nomination form for the governorship election.

He, therefore, called on those who were clamouring for him to contest in the gubernatorial election to show their support money-wise.

He wrote: “For the last few months, many have clamoured on various social media platforms that I should contest for governor on the platform of the Labour Party. It’s an interesting idea which I cannot honestly say does not intrigue me.

“While it is true that Lagos needs rescuing from the clutches of those who have turned it into their ATM, it is also true that due to the unscrupulous way they withdraw from that ATM, the effort will be an uphill task that will require immense resources, from my personal experience.

“At this point, having almost single-handedly contested two major elections back-to-back within two years in 2019 and 2020 (Gubernatorial and Senatorial bye-election), I’m afraid I’m all tapped out.

“I simply do not have the resources to engage in another electoral adventure, even though the odds seem to favour Labour Party if they can present a morally solid, politically credible, articulate, knowledgeable, experienced and courageous candidate in Lagos right now.

“My past political forays have taught me one thing – you cannot rescue people who are not interested in being rescued. The only way I can believe Lagosians are ready for true freedom from the Jagajagabandits is when I see true commitment.

“I am told the Labour Party Expression of Interest and Nomination Forms cost ₦15m, and there is a fee for the waiver, that could bring the total to up to 20m. INEC deadline for final substitution of Gubernatorial candidates is August 12th, 2022.

“If truly you’re interested in getting me to run, it is time to put your money where your mouth is, and go get me the Labour party form because honestly, I do get shishi to give.

This article was originally published on HausaToday

Source https://www.naijanews.com/2022/07/30/i-no-get-shi-shi-gbadamosi-begs-nigerians-for-funds-to-purchase-labour-party-guber-form/

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