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Interview with Nura M Inuwa, his history and how Opponents splashed Acid on him

Nura M Inuwa, one among star musicians in hausa film industry, Kannywood. “Mai makogwaron zinare! Golden voiced star!” is what his fans used to label him being that he has such voice. In their interview with aminiya on 2012, the star musician made step by step explanations concerning his lifestyle and that of his music career and how vicious opponents splashed acid on him as follows.

Lets start with your brief history.

Peace be unto you , my complete names are, Nura Musa Inuwa, but now I am popularly known as Nura M. Inuwa. I was born in Kano, in the year 1989, and did my primary education at Masaka Special Primary School, from their to secondary at Gwammaja II. I was unable to forther from there due to some reasons that overcomes my abilities, which since then I have been singing.

What draws your intention to singing?

I started since my childhood, which at that time didn’t have knowledge of what I was doing. Some times at home when in happy or sad mood I sang on that. In short i started singing since I was a child. Truly, I can’t tell what made me started singing, it was at last I get to know I can send information through it.

In hausa land musicians are normally looked down on, where they are taken as moral decadense factor instead of shaping it, what do you have say on this?

Hmmm, all that are singing shouldn’t be regarded as idle people, some have other businesses but just they prefer to do the singing, and on the moral decadense part, it lays on what the musician does, and people listens. For that musicians are more expected to be making good musics that benefit people not what pleases them, and when one person does what are regarded as unacceptable in a society, the listeners should not have the blame on all musicians. No, its the person that does it, because what one is doing, isn’t what others are doing.

You were labelled “Golden voiced musician” can you tell us where you got it?

I myself was surprised when I heard them calling me that. To be precise the name was given to me by fans.

How many years do you make in hausa music industry, and till now how many songs do you have to your credit?

As of now I am in my fifth year in music industry, and too can’t estimate number of my songs, but I think they have numbered about 100.

Do you have favourite in your songs, and why do you opt to it?

Truly, I can’t pick favourite among them now, being that my songs are many, and mostly I heared from fans saying that this is better, but when they listen to other they would say it is better than. For that the one fans cherish a lot is my favourite, before in future I nominated my favourite.

Can you enlighten readers some of the songs you made, ranging from those featured in films or advertisements or politics and others?

Truly, I have made songs on all those genres you listed, like in films there are ‘Rai Dai’ and ‘Aisha Humaira’ and ‘Badi Ba Rai’ and ‘Soyayyar Facebook’ and ‘Sayyada’ and ‘Zurfin Ciki’ and others, but those of politics can’t be numbered.

Most of times the rumours are that your songs are not written by you, what’s the truth about the saying?

Ok, to be frank no one write song for me. I write my songs myself. And most of times my songs are not even written, I sang off head.

Fans are wailing that you don’t do video albums, as your workmates are doing, what do you have to say on this?

Alhamdulillah, fans should exercise patience, I used this opportunity to inform them that my new music album is ready, and it will soon be available.

Do you have boss in hausa music industry, who lead you in the business?

It’s a naked truth that I don’t have boss in hausa music industry, God is who I looked-up to and it’s he that made me what I am, but no one taught me singing or who I am with as a boss, I respected Ibrahim Ibrahim for I take him brother not a boss, and whenever I am to seek for advice from hausa musicians, I go for him, and I have made it clear that his position to me is more than a boss, he is a brother.

Days ago you have met with an accident which lead your admittance to hospital. What do you think brought this?

I don’t think out what brought this accidnt. I take it a destiny, and only those that did it knows the reason, I didn’t offend anyone is all I know. I have left the matter to Allah almighty, it’s he that will take revenge for me in the day they have forgotten.

Can you explain to readers how the incident occurs?

One called me by phone and asked me to do marriage song for him, that the wife to be said it’s only I she wanted to do it, and stressed that he is not kano resident, for that he pleaded with me to come and collect the payment and list of names to mention in the song, and I went too in fear to be labelled arrogant. From there I didn’t know up and down I experienced acid on my body.

What benefits are you aiming in Hausa music industry?

I thanked Allah, if I am to quit singing now I have fulfilled the benefits Allah has willed, whatever I become, it’s Allah that made me. For that it’s he that knows the position he will take me in future.

Which advice do you have to film artists and other musicians?

Let’s let go hatred from our lives, which will result to oneness that will fetch us obedience from those under us. This is my advice.

In conclusion, what is your message to fans?

I wanted my fans to bear it in mind that I always cherish them. I am grateful to Allah for blessing me with them and I loved them as they admired me, and even more than. For that I am imploring forgiveness from those I wronged unknowingly. Please fans you should be exercising more patience with me whenever you heard Nura this that, never believe, experience before you believed. At last I am appreciating and wishing Allah to elongate our company.


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