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Kannywod: Hauwa Waraka pictured receiving an award of recognition from Her Excellency

Hauwa Waraka the talented actress in Hausa film industry was said to have received an award from Nigerian first lady Her Excellency Mrs Aisha Buhari, the wife of President Muhammadu Buhari, after they participated in launshing of Hausa politics song termed “Sakamakon chanji” which translates to mean “The results of change” in Abuja. The popular Kannywood actress was in company of Maryam Yahayya, Fati Shu’uma and other Kannywood celebrities and they all were presented with awards of recognition.

Hauwa was known by her fans as “Uwar yan wiwi da Karuwai” i.e mother of smokers and prostitues, due to the roles she plays in Kannywood films which she showcases best of her talents.


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