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Kannywood actress criticises Buhari’s silence on Zamfara killings

Nafisa Abdullahi is one of Kannywood celebrities that have chosen to remain apolitical in the Hausa film industry over the years. The talented Actress and Business Queen, among her co-workers have emerged to stay away from Nigerian politics for good. She comment on general issues concerning the interests of her people and Nigeria as a whole. And we say what a good of an actress!

The Hausa actress replied to Buhari’s tweet critcising his condolence message on Kolade Johno’s death who was alleged shot dead by SARs in Lagos few days ago while in operation.

In her reply to President Buhari’s tweet, Nafisa said, “Why not intervene on killing of hundreds and thousands of Zamfara people and other areas in the North before the Kolade’s matter, or you bring the criminals to order at once.

The actress added that the President is silence on multiple killings in North, but choses to take action on Kolades killers in the South, according to her.


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