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Kannywood film: Maryam Booth and Sadik Zazzabi set to marry

Maryam Booth the foremost child actress in the history of Kannywood was pictured with her husband-to-be one Sadik Zazzabi, musician and actor in the Hausa film industry. She shared one of these pre-wedding photos look-alike on her social media handel and captioned it “Oya take the gist and share it like family biscuit.” Presshausa.com have it that they have been in affection for long and she kept it backdoor.

Maryam Booth and her family members have been entertaining you since their childhood days; Her younger brother Amude Booth and Ramadan Booth an elder brother to her. Their biological mother also was Kannywood mother actress before she quit.

Maryam Booth pre-wedding photos look-alike:


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