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Kannywood Queen says it’s dishonourable for Nicki Minaj to perform in Saudi Arabia

The popular Kannywood actress, Maryam Booth, took to her social media handel to share her views regarding Nicki Minajs performance in Saudi Arabia which she described as unethical and against the moral conducts of Saudi Arabian people at the first place. There is an ongoing debate both online and in media houses concerning the proposed event which will take place in King Abdullah sports Stadium on 18 of this month July. Muslim clerics in Saudi Arabia cries out at the event upon inclusion of Nicki because of her nude and half naked lifestyle which goes against their culture. But if Nicki should dress in Abaya and Hijab like the Arabians we think they should give her go ahead.

According to Maryam Booth words which she directed to her fans, the beauty Queen in the indigenous Hausa film industry says and GobirMob quotes:

Salamu alaikum brothers and sisters please I have a question. Please what do you have to say regarding Nicki Minaj performing in Saudi Arabia? I am a fan of her music but her performaning in Muslim sacred State is a No from me. But what do I know, I am just asking.


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