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Kannywood veteran actor in critical condition, his leg amputated

Kannywood popular actor since its early days 1999s his health has worsen as disclosed by his colleagues few days ago. Last year 2018, he was said to have died but that turns out to be rumour after King Ali Nuhu visited him on his sick bed, then he was robust and healthy. But this time around he looks so skinny and skeletal and his left leg was cut off. We pray you recover well so soon, Malam Moɗa.

Muhammadu Sani Idris Kauru, popularly known as Moda is a veteran actor in the Hausa indigenous film industry, Kannywood. He took the roles of elder and comedian in most of films he features in, such as the most anticipated “Wasila movie” that brought him to limelight and rest of others, and personally Kannywood characters look up to him as their elder he was.

Take a look at his alarming photos that went viral online days ago:


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