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Korra Obidi’s Husband Releases Evidence Accusing Her Of Cheating (Screenshot)

Justin Dean, the husband of popular Nigerian dancer, Korra Obidi has leaked a chat confirming that her wife cheated on her.

The father of two before their marriage crashed had accused his estranged wife of cheating on him.

Justin in a live video had accused his ex-wife of having a romantic moment with two Nigerian singers.

Korra, however, in a live video on her Facebook claimed that she only cheated on her husband once when he was outside the country.

She said, “I am not a chronic cheat, I am far from being a chronic cheat, I am just a woman who is honest to her husband.”

The doctor has, however, released a chat to substantiate his claim that his wife cheated with a Nigerian singer.

See the screenshot below:

This is coming after Justin leaked a chat with his wife where she confessed to having lied about domestic abuse.

Korra following the news of their clash had accused the father of two of being an abuser, while her husband claimed that she cheated on him.

Justin in a leaked chat revealed the confession of the dancer with someone where she admitted to framing her husband.

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