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Lady Who Hugged Kizz Daniel On Stage Cries Out Over Death Threats

The lady who hugged Nigerian singer Kizz Daniel on stage has cried out on social media over death threats hours after the music show in Manchester.

Kizz Daniel during his performance on Sunday night invited a female fan on stage to dance with him.

In the viral video, the lady seemed to be over the moon as she jumps in excitement and repeatedly hugged Kizz Daniel.

Barely 24 hours after the event, some netizens assumed to be die-hard fans of Kizz Daniel slammed the lady as they berated the singer as in their view, he should have called a more beautiful lady to dance with him on stage.

Kilolitre wrote: “Don’t go outside coz I would shut you to death, how can Kizz Daniel call you on stage you are not all that ugly bitch”.

Bitchhh wrote: “How can Kizz Daniel call an ugly bitch like you on stage while all the pretty girls are there, you are not even beautiful, very ugly,ughly bye bitch”.

Mmkg wrote: “you deserve to die how can Kizz Daniel call you on stage and not even that bitchhh I hate you, am so pissed”

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