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LP Chieftain, Reuben Names Northerners Against Peter Obi Presidency

The Vice-Chairman of the Labour Party (South-South), Felix Reuben has revealed the people that would not vote for the party’s presidential candidate, Peter Obi in the north.

Reuben on Wednesday said only the elites from Northern Nigeria are afraid of the emergence of Obi.

The LP chieftain said this in a statement on Wednesday while reacting to the comment of the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso claiming that Obi would not be voted for by the northerner.

Kwankwaso stated this after their talk with Labour Party to align ahead of the 2023 general election collapsed.

Reuben, while responding to Kwankwaso’s statement, said, “the only people that will not vote for Peter Obi in the North are the elites, people that are afraid, that have stolen money and are protecting their wealth.

“I believe before the election, the whole north will be for Peter Obi, the voting masses will be for Peter Obi. We are picking a vice-presidential candidate from the North that is going to do the job of talking to northerners and bring them in.”

Reuben while speaking about the running mate to Obi, he said, “he has been a very prominent person. Before Friday, he will be unveiled and I think the world will be happy to see youth coming out as the vice-presidential candidate.”

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