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Names of Wild Animals in Hausa Language and the Culture

List of Wild Animals Names in Hausa Language

Wild animals are those animals that are not kept by humans domestically, they are animals that do not rely on us for food, shelter, or water, nor do they interact with us in a body. Wild animals may have habitats that are reserved by humans, but their main characteristic is that they are not tamed to be kept as pets or raised for food but they can be hunted for food in every culture.

In Hausa Language we call them “Namun Daji” or “Ƙwarin Daji” in general, despite that hunters can differentiate their gender and have their male and female names. And due to the fact that ancient Hausas engaged in hunting skill (Farauta or Hwarauta) hardly would you not find a community or two named after hunters or an animal in and around every Hausa settlements. On top of that, you can find the names in some Hausa native names. This serves as an example: Sarkin Gobir Kurar Gado and Sarkin Maradi Ali Zaki.

List of Wild Animals and their Hausa Names
Ɓauna Buffalo
Karkandam Rhinoceros
Damussa, Damushe Tigress, Tiger
Mesa Phyton
Zaki, Zakanya Lion, Lioness
Giwa, Toro Elephant: Cow, Bull
Ƴar Rabi, Beguwa Poccupine
Kada, Kadaye Crocodile: Female, Male
Jimina Ostrich
Barewa, Sassaro Deer: Hind, Stack
Jaki, Jaka Donkey: Jack, Jennet
Mayki, Mikiya Eagle: Male, Female
Goggon Biri Gorilla
Dorina Hippopotamus
Kunkuru Tortoise
Jakin Daji Zebra
Kura, Kure Bitch, Hyena
Zomo Rabbit
Biri Monkey
Raƙumin Daji Giraffe
Jemage Bat
Maciji Snake

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