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Nigerians laud 13 year boy who killed two Bandits in Katsina

There is a drama going on in Katsina State, where police have arrested a 13- year- old boy who killed two bandits and fled afterward. Following the outbreak of his arrest yesterday, concerned Nigerians have commended his efforts and ask of his release and a medal for him.

According to the report surrounding the news, the 13- year- old boy whose name is given as Abdulkarim Mati was taken away from his parents by bandits. The bandits reportedly told him and his parents that he was going to be working for their boss in the forest. His duty was to assist in the rearing of cows for the bandit’ s leader named Ardo Nashaware, who resides in Birnin Magaji forest inside Zamfara State.

However, things didn’ t go as planned. When they got to the Birnin Magaji forest, they gave the 13- year- old boy an AK47 instead of cows as promised. They began to teach him how to use the assault rifle and other weapons. He was also instructed to look after their kidnapped victims.

The report has it that he ran away from the Fulani bandits after he killed two of them for bullying him. He was later found and arrested by the Katsina police command with the alleged AK47 used in the crime.

The police spokesman for the state, Gambo Isah, confirmed the report on Saturday.

” The boy, who demonstrated skills in handling AK- 47, also confessed to have been bullied by some elderly bandits, who provoked him, and as a result, picked an AK- 47 rifle and shot dead two of the elderly Fulani bandits, ” Isah said.

Meanwhile, the arrest of the 13- year- old boy, Abdulkarim Mati, has been generating some reaction since the news broke out yesterday. The majority of the Nigerian netizens want the 13- year- old boy released immediately and unconditionally.

Some also opined that the boy should even be encouraged and commended for doing the work of the police for them. Also because he is a minor and he was adopted by a pretense that he was going to attend to cows. All those should be enough reason for them to free the poor boy. Some of the reactions are attached to the article for your perusal.

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