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Noman Gayya: Seasonal farming festival that encourages Division of labour

The word “Gayya” in Hausa terminologies means team and “Noman”, an adjectival word meaning farming or the farm, so therefore Noman Gayya in short can be said to mean team of farmers farming to when is a long ages farming festival which involves invitation of friends and family to aid in farming activities. In Niger Republic and parts of Nigeria, West Africa and others where the event is mostly practised, farmers who are incapable to cultivate their farms and those with no able bodied children to farm are those that call for the communal farming during raining seasons. In some cases a renowned farmer can invite people from various communities, but it’s a “Do me I do you event”, if you don’t attend other peoples invitations, no one will be in your farm. And too, female farmers who met the above criteria used to call their fellow females and peers to their farms.

During the event various delicious starchy meals are prepared to give the workers more energy to work. Different kinds of foods and porridges like Hura da nona, Kumande, Nashe, Lalame, Kunun zaki, Kunun kanwa, Compound of Rice and beans, Tuwo da miyan kuka e.t.c
Children are always joyous and craving for such moments because foods are prepared in aboundance and they ate like they never do. Their only chores was to take trys and plates of food to the farm and ate leftovers.

At times drumers are called upon to beat their drums so to give the workers an added energy in the process by following drums rhythm and forming one style dancing while ploughing.


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