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Outrage As Photo Of Policeman Shooting Teargas At Harmless Protesters Emerges

A photo of a policeman shooting teargas at June 12 protesters in Abuja has surfaced on social media.

Naija News understands that there’s been an ongoing protest around the country, as protesters storms the streets of major cities to protest against  bad governance, insecurity, and the Muhammadu Buhari administration on democracy day.

In the viral photo shared by Channels TV, a police officer was captured shooting teargas at harmless June12th protesters in Abuja.

Nigerians on social media have reacted to the sensational photo, expressing outrage as they slammed the police force for shooting at harmless protesters.

See photo below;

Here are some of the comments below;

One Bigg Joo wrote; ‘These are clear pictures. Look ‘the protesters, they don’t look armed. And what is the aims of those policemen?? To kill unarmed peaceful protesters.”

One Ajulumuo Emily Chinonye wrote; Are you guys still believing in one Nigeria ? U still can’t breath under the one Nigeria. This is a zoo not a country. Let’s channel d energy to agitate for oduduwa and Biafra. Whether u want it or not. They are killing everybody. Whether u believe in Nigeria or not. No one is safe

One Izuchukwu Nwokoma wrote; Nigerian security agents would always show the stuff they are made of when confronting harmless civilians. God remains the judge and His judgement will fall on anyone supporting evil, praising the current administration that has brought so much pain and anguish to Nigerians.

One Solomon Eze wrote;These are animals, bandits, terrorist, boko haram, they recruited and still recruiting into police and army. This country can never work and the earlier Nigerians know these the better.

One Tito Atolagbe Dagunduro wrote; ‘Oh my God, extra judicial killings have started again oh. Can’t they protest in peace again? It’s called peaceful protest and they have a right to it as enshrined in the Nigerian constitution. Freedom of expression has been guaranteed why trample upon it. Anyway, we have a dictator as president.’

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