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Peter Obi: You Northerners Destroyed Nigeria

A chieftain of the Labour Party in Anambra State, Dons Uzor has called on the presidential candidate of the New Nigeria Peoples Party, Rabiu Kwankwaso to concentrate on his ambition rather than throw shade at Igbos ahead of the 2023 race.

Uzor while reacting to Kwankwaso’s statement on running alongside Peter Obi, said the Northerners got Nigeria to where it is today.

The LP chieftain said the North should allow the Igbo to get there to correct Nigeria after running the country down.

He called for support for Obi to rule Nigeria for eight years and wait to see if there would not be changes in the country.

According to Uzor, Obi can never be Kwankwaso’s running mate, rather himself should be Obi’s running mate.

Uzor in a chat with Guardian said, “I think he should concentrate his campaign on what he can do to remedy the country that has been bastardised by his brothers. He should cover his face in shame that in all they claim to be in the North, they have succeeded in running the country down. If his people could not salvage the country, let them allow the Igbo man to go there and rescue it.

“This vitriolic attack and campaign of calumny will not stop an idea whose time has come. We are prepared to rule Nigeria anytime, any day just as we have succeeded in the things we do, so shall we succeed. Let them allow Obi to rule for eight years and let’s see whether there will not be a positive change in this country.

“Kwankwaso cannot claim he knows more than other Northerners that have ruled the country and the earlier he understands this and submits to superior reasoning, the better for him. Obi can never be his running mate. It is rather himself that should accept to become Obi’s running mate.”

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