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Photos of Rahma Sadau’s 23rd Birthday

Former expelled kannywood actress, who was popularly known as Rahma Sadau, shared these lovely photos of hers on her social media Instagram handel, as she turns 23 years of age on December 7 2016. Her unexpected ban from the hausa indigenous film industry, kannywood, turned-out to draw her more fame where the anticipated EbonyLife TV series featured her in their “Sons of the Caliphate” which aired on every Thursdays. And addedly, was invited by Hollywood to be featured in set of “The America King” alongside Senegalese American Musician turned actor, Akon Aliyu, Jeta Amata and host of others.

No matter what, Rahma has laid history in the entire Northern Nigeria, being first of kannywood hausa actress to act in Hollywood.

Happy birthday to you.

Below are the photos:

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