Policy helps things run smoothly, but it doesn’t mean being oppression to members. HausaToday.com is an African lifestyle blog. That said, because this is an online community, so there is need to make out some guidelines to ensure it remains an enjoyable place to meet up.

In here we don’t solely watch or moderate every members comments or interactions. We believe this encourages more members to contribute. This means that as a registered member of hausatoday.com, your comment will be published directly to the site without moderation. It will be removed only if our prestigious admins, moderators or members found it embarrasing by reporting.

Self moderation means that we may need to be made aware of any content which is breaking this community guidelines. If you come across any of our contents which you think is going against what is outlined, please get in touch.

Here are the community policies for using hausatoday.com:

Be of help to others

We’ve all been the newbie and it can be scary. If you’re new, make sure you call into the “About us” to learn more about us. If you’re not so new, be sure to welcome the newcomers! Either by commenting or liking their comments or replying.

Make it friendly

You’re bound to come into interaction with people with different opinions to you. If you disagree with someone, please do so in a calm and respectful manner. We will remove any member who we feel is being harassing, defamatory, abusive, threatening or aggressive to fellow members. That’s not what we’re about. There’s no place for it here.

Don’t forget the magic words

It’s nice to be nice, right? If you’d like to directly message another member, don’t forget to introduce yourself first. You’re more likely to get a reply if you’ve explained who you are first.

No spam

Please don’t fill our community with links. If want to advertise your Products and Services, Musics and Videos on our community, “Click here” to learn more about our advertisement guidelines.

Be you

You should use your nickname or first name as your username and you musn’t have to upload a photo of yourself as your profile picture in this community.

Keep it clean

Members comments can include photos and or links, but please don’t upload photos or links you wouldn’t show to your Inlaws.

Ask permission

Please respect people’s privacy.
Make sure you have the consent of all the people or organisation you feature in any post you submit and don’t upload other people’s personal details.

Finally, don’t be shy

This is an open community for all to be informed and entertained. We want to develop a friendly, safe and vibrant online community where people feel they can express their opinions without fear of personal attack.

We have a warning system in place for anyone breaking the above rules. Persistent rule breakers will be banned for a specific period of time or indefinetly. All rights is reserved to judge whoever is banned.