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Poor Pakistani Father beaten to pulp for refusing his sons money

Fathers are those selfless souls who would work hard day and night in other that their children enjoy a good life in the future. They would make sure that they are providing sufficiently to their families, when a father is raising a child especially a son He is fearless for his feature He knows that when he will get old his weak bones would be strengthened by his young lads. His sons would be there to bring in income and they would be there to guide and support him.

Though its not a new phenomenon in this generation of ours due to youthful lust. According to report from the province of Sindh in Pakistan a father was beaten up by his two sons so much that he was bleeding excessively. It was said the poor man had money which was entirely his and he saved it over time and planned to perform this years Hajj 2019.
When his two sons discovered that their father was planning a Hajj and resisted giving money to fend for themselves they start beaten him so much that he was in state of coma. So pathetic of a father! Poor children!

They were now arrested by authorities and the old man was taken to hospital and people are calling for severe punishment on them.

Hassan Haruna Gobir

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