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Reno Omokri Slams Peter Obi Over Comment On SABMiller Investment

Reno Omokri former presidential aide to Goodluck Jonathan has said that one of the biggest mistakes the Labor Party, LP, presidential candidate Peter Obi has made was bringing up his SABMIller investment.

In a post made on Instagram late Monday, Omokri noted that not only was it an unnecessary lie (his investment did not grow to $100 million), it showed he did not understand the North.

He insisted that beer is haram to Muslim Northerners and his statement might work against him in the future.

Beer is haram to Muslim Northerners and his boast works against him!

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“Throughout the Northwest and Northeast, which have some of the largest voting blocs in Nigeria, they have various Hisbah destroying beer and other alcoholic beverages.

“And here you are, wanting their votes, and you are lying about your investments in a beer brewery! What is the strategy behind that? Are you campaigning to lead beer drinkers club?

“And when they explain these things to you, you will not learn. You have only two default settings-insults and threats,” Omokri stated.

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