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Stunning photos of Umar M Sharif and his children

I know quite numbers of Northern Nigerian queens that are dying for this Kaduna brought-up Kannywood musician, film producer and also actor based in the industry. They cherish Umar M Sharif’s stunning photos and every cast of him on screens singing and out of love several have turned to make ridiculous marriage statements on him, unknown to them he sincerely adhered to his only wife, meaning mother of his about five children, making him “Mijin macce guda”, as Hausa people would often throw remark on single wife husbands. And another fact is they can’t differentiate him from his indistinguishable brothers who are also in the hausa entertainment industry, Kannywood.

Mustapha M Sharif and Abdul M Sharif are undoubtedly Umar M Sharif’s blood brothers. They may be best match to the Northern queens but not probably Umar M Sharif, and not sure if the singer has plans in future to, as his workmate Nura M Inuwa who recently took a brand new second wife from Katsina state.

Umar M Sharif, Ali Nuhu, Nuhu Abdullahi, Ramadan Booth and fans.

Photo of Umar M Sharif in one hotel.

Photo of Umar M Sharif with female colleague, Fati Niger.

Umar M Sharif with colleague and mentor, Sani Musa Danja.

Umar M Sharif doing exercise in his house.

Umar M Sharif’s son Arfan.

Nice looking photo of Umar M Sharif with Zazzau kingdom royal guards.

Children of Umar M Sharif Arfan and his sister.

Umar M Sharif and his workmate Selebobo.

Photo of first daughter of Umar M Sharif.

Umar M Sharif’s duplicate Arfan.

Umar M Sharif in orange outfit.


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