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What Happened To $16 Billion Electricity Fund Under Your Administration?

The presidential candidate of the African Action Congress, Omoyele Sowore, has asked the presidential candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party, Atiku Abubakar to give an account of what happened to $16 billion spent on power while he was the vice president of Nigeria.

Sowore on Friday stated that Nigeria has remained in darkness despite the administration of Olusegun Obasanjo spending $16bn on power.

This is coming after Atiku claimed that Sowore does not know anything about Nigeria because he doesn’t stay in the country.

Atiku further stated that the SaharaReporters Publisher comes every four years to contest for presidency and goes back when he fails.

The PDP presidential candidate stated this during an interview on Arise TV on Friday.

Sowore in his reaction in a post on his Twitter account said it is time for Atiku to quit having tried contesting for the presidency on the different party platforms.

He wrote, “failed to address how $16bn was used to procure darkness” under his regime, which was the question posed to him, but instead said he (Sowore) did not know anything.

“Dear @atiku, I watched a clip of your @ARISEtv interview this morning wherein you were asked about my view on power scam under your regime, you failed to address how $16bn was used to procure darkness instead you claimed ‘he doesn’t even know,’ well these are some things I know: You ran for office for the first time in 1992 as a presidential aspirant of the SDP, I also ran for the post of the SU (Student Union) President of the UNILAG, you lost, I won. You left, I stayed, to deliver democracy to Nigerians.

“I then left for the US in 1999 at the age of 28. You went on to become the VP of Nigeria, you left Nigerians in darkness after spending $16billion on power, I stayed with Nigerians, shining a light on the mess you and your boss created in that sector. You left, I stayed!

“After your failed plan to succeed your boss (Olusegun Obasanjo) who wanted a third term in office, I stayed to botch his third term bid. You, however, joined another political party and tried your luck, you left after you couldn’t win. You left, I stayed.

“Since 1999, you have lived in about five countries outside of Nigeria. I know this because your IP keeps changing the same way you kept changing political parties. We both contested in 2019, it was my first time contesting, but after the elections, you left, and I stayed. I’m still here!

“You’ve done your rounds from the SDP-UNCP-PDP-ACN-PDP-APC back to the PDP, you have never done anything for the Nigerian people, you’ve only taken care of your needs and those that benefit your family, cronies, and friends. It is time to quit and let Nigeria experience electricity!

“My question again, is this; what happened to the $16billion released for electricity during your tenure as Vice President? #WeCantContinueLikeThis”

Source https://www.naijanews.com/2022/07/22/what-happened-to-16-billion-electricity-fund-under-your-administration-sowore-questions-atiku/

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