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Why Kuje Prison Attack Was Succesful

Former Minister of Interior, Abdulrahman Dambazau has revealed the reason the terror attack on Kuje Medium Correctional Center in Abuja was successful.

HausaToday had reported that terrorists on Tuesday night attacked the correctional facility with explosives and released not less than 600 inmates including 15 of their members.

During an appearance on Channels Television on Wednesday, Dambazau said the terrorists successfully attacked the facility because there was inadequate intelligence to stop the invasion.

He opined that the insufficient intelligence was the reason the security agents stationed in the facility could not preempt the attackers long before they even came near the prison.

The former Chief of Army Staff noted that the attack has shown that the security agencies are mostly operating in silos and are not working together.

Dambazau, however, asked President Muhammadu Buhari to hold the security operatives who were on duty on the night of the attack responsible.

“If there was adequate intelligence, those gunmen that attacked the prison wouldn’t have had the opportunity to do so, It would have been preempted long before they even came near the prison.

“If the response time to such an emergency is not there, it means nothing, which means there is a clear issue between the monitoring itself and even the capacity to respond.

“So, these things would have to go together. It also tells you one thing — that the security agencies are mostly operating in silos. They are not working together. I understood that they had information beforehand that such activity would take place.

“It’s either those who were there physically to be able to defend that place do not have the capacity to do so, or they were lousy in doing their job.

“I think we need to do things properly and we need to hold somebody responsible for not doing his job, because that’s what I did when two people escaped from Kuje prison,” he said.

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